Terms and Conditions of Bey2ollak

  1. Confidentiality Bey2ollak undertakes to spend its best endeavors to protect the Information of its users (Their E-mails, User Names and Passwords) from disclosure to any third party.
  2. Liabilities Bey2ollak is not responsible in any way for the accuracy of the traffic updates it provides and cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from the inaccuracy of these updates. Bey2ollak does not guarantee the punctuality of its users. Bey2ollak cannot be held liable for any loss or damages resulting from any malfunctions or discontinuity in the service.
  3. Miscellaneous Bey2ollak is entitled to assign any of its obligations or rights at any time to any third party without the need to give the user prior notification. Bey2ollak may from time to time make changes or modifications to its services and website. Bey2ollak may from time to time modify or amend the herein terms and conditions without the need to give the user prior notification. If any of the herein terms and conditions are judged invalid by a competent court of law this invalidity shall have no effects whatsoever in regards to the remaining terms and conditions which shall remain valid and in full force.
  4. Governing law and dispute settlement The herein terms and conditions are governed by the rules of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Any dispute arising from the implementation and interpretation of the herein terms and conditions shall be examined and settled by the competent Egyptian courts.

Privacy Policy of Bey2ollak:

This Privacy Policy describes the type of information necessary for Bey2ollak to gather
from you in order to process your inquiries and/or provide you with the services and
information described and offered.

By using Bey2ollak you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Notice.

The purpose of gathering information from the Members serves the purpose of providing
an enhanced informative experience at Bey2ollak, here are the types of information
Bey2ollak gathers:


We are a community based traffic information service aiming to keep track of the
status of all major roads. Our success is based on the active cooperation of all our
members in providing information regarding the traffic conditions they are facing. We
are currently available through our various mobile applications and Mobile Website at
www.bey2ollak.com .


When you use Bey2ollak “application” on Facebook, you allow Bey2ollak to access
certain information from your profile for that site. Bey2ollak may access and store some
or all of the following information, as allowed by you:

By using Bey2ollak Facebook application you are authorizing Bey2ollak to collect, store,
and use in accordance with this Privacy Policy any and all information that you agreed
to. Your agreement takes place when you "accept" or "allow" (or similar terms) for our


Information collected through our users is an important part of our business, and
Bey2ollak is not in the business of selling it to others. All the information collected
through Bey2ollak is protected by Bey2ollak and will be used for the following purposes:


This Privacy Policy will be periodically revised and may be changed with or
without notice. The updated Privacy Policy will be posted on the Bey2ollak website

By using or continuing to use the Service you agree to review the Privacy Policy
periodically such that you are aware of any modifications. If you do not agree to the
Terms and conditions or this Privacy Policy, you should not use Bey2ollak.


If you feel that your rights under the terms and conditions above were violated, please
contact our support at this address bey2ollak@bey2ollak.com


If there is inappropriate content posted by a user, Bey2ollak will remove the content within 3 working days of being reported through the “3aib keda” (report abuse) feature found in  the  application which will immediately acknowledge receiving the user complaint.